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My name is Kelley and I am a stay at home mom to two kids - my amazing son Jackson Wayne and cutie pie little girl Bailey Louise. I am a working at home mom with a business called baby Jack blankets. I handmake ribbon tab baby blankets and sell them online. I am married to the love of my life Brian and every day looking forward to the ever so rewarding and challenging experiences that my life brings me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

They Grow So Fast

Today was a very emotional day for me, in more ways than one. My little man is a boy and slept through the night on his full size Big Boy Bed and tonight, he had no problem falling fast asleep again.

Dresser & Book Shelf

About two months ago we bought Jack a full size bed and put it in his room, getting used to it being there and allowing him to play on it whenever he wanted. He learned how to get up and down all by himself and understand that some day we will say "bye bye" to his crib and sleep in his big boy bed.

Last week he started taking naps in his bed. I put him in there thinking he would play with the door closed but ten minutes later I found him sleeping, so the nap routine just stuck. Yesterday we decided to take a leap of faith and take down the crib, finally saying bye bye to his last item from when he was a baby and transforming his room into a "toddler room"...it was a lot harder on me than him!

Toy bin

He slept great through the night, me however, I tossed and turned thinking he would "need me"....Nope. I dont know how I will get through the next of many milestones of him not needing me.

On the flip side, I was so proud of him to see that HE DID IT and he is a big boy. The look on his face when he woke up knowing he slept on his big boy bed just melted my heart. Always always with babies and kids, with the bad there is always double the good.

Fast Asleep in his Big Boy Bed Night #2

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