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My name is Kelley and I am a stay at home mom to two kids - my amazing son Jackson Wayne and cutie pie little girl Bailey Louise. I am a working at home mom with a business called baby Jack blankets. I handmake ribbon tab baby blankets and sell them online. I am married to the love of my life Brian and every day looking forward to the ever so rewarding and challenging experiences that my life brings me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If you're happy and you know it...

I have been clapping my hands a lot lately. I am happy. I have found a balance in my life between two kids, work and play and it is leaving me with this feeling of contentment. It has a lot to do with the fact that I reprioritized my day and not put so much pressure on myself to accomplish it all. I feel accomplished when I make the bed and shower now...it's the little things.

When I first became a stay at home mom, I told Brian that I would get all these things done at home and have dinner on the table and so on and so forth. Three years being at home and we still joke about the fact that we are rushing to throw something on our table for our family to eat. Where does the time go throughout the day? Well, time flies when you are having fun.

The kids keep me insanely busy. At first it was chaotic adding another little human into the mix but now that Bailey is her own little person (and a great one who adjusted instantly) things are starting to flow. She is finally sleeping through the night and napping in her crib. She is cruising along the furniture, saying so many words (Mama, Dada, Jack, Cracker, Abbie, Dog, Doll, Book, Baba) and will be walking within weeks because she is a determined little girl. We are excited to be planning her first birthday party in May already. Crazy!

Jack has grown up since turning three and is a great big brother and the attitude has simmered a bit - or at least I changed my reaction towards it and now embrace that he. is. just. like. me. I call him my butthead when he acts up...because we butt heads being similar. Together we are loving this weather. If he could, he would be outside all day but he doesnt know his limits or how much fresh air he can handle and needs a nice big nap to re-energize!! He rides his electric tractor around the house for about thirty minutes, plays in the dirt, stomps in puddles, rolls down the hill and collects rocks - such a boy! We are currently trying to teach him how to ride a bike since it is so nice out. I try to keep all the outdoor fun in the AM before lunch to tire him out and then take a nap...so far so good :)

Brian and I are at our best. Approaching five years of marriage next month, we have a big fun-filled day planned the weekend before.  We have hired a professional photographer to photograph Brian and I - and the kids - for an Anniversary/Family/First Birthday photoshoot.  It is something I have been looking forward to for a long time; let's hope the weather pans out.

Work is consistent and calm right now. I have a lot of orders still coming in and I have managed to get them out in a timely manner along with preparing myself for Spring craft season. I usually get all my sewing done during Bailey's afternoon nap while Jack plays and it rolls right into Brian getting home from work. I get my time to myself while he plays with the kids and gets dinner together while I create. It doesnt feel like work to me, it's a hobby turned therapy. It centers me and I dont know what I would do if I couldnt sew.

Last but not least, it's the company that I keep. The people I surround myself with are great people. My family. My friendships of those near and far. My mommy friends. Each person holds different value to me in many ways and I feel truly blessed that they are in my life.

What is truly amazing to me is that two years ago I sat down with a dear friend who helped discuss my life's passions. She is a life coach and helped me recenter myself prioritizing of what was most important. All the items listed above were my passions: Creating Love out of Love, Being Present, Finding Balance, Enjoying Work, Surrounding myself with Positive People.  My heart is happy and full. Hooray!