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My name is Kelley and I am a stay at home mom to two kids - my amazing son Jackson Wayne and cutie pie little girl Bailey Louise. I am a working at home mom with a business called baby Jack blankets. I handmake ribbon tab baby blankets and sell them online. I am married to the love of my life Brian and every day looking forward to the ever so rewarding and challenging experiences that my life brings me.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bring it on THIRTY

I turned thirty years old this week. In a different world, that would terrify me but given all that I am grateful for I say Bring It On. My twenties were about figuring out what I wanted out of life and I embrace the upcoming years of thirties. It will consist of growing up a lot more, watching the kids grow and expanding my little business.

This week has been an up and down week. I have been crazy busy with baby Jack blanket sales and freelance design work on top of celebrating with family and friends AND planning a party. Today we are having over fifty people at our home in this 90 degree Wisconsin weather for a backyard BBQ - theme Burgers, Beers and Bounce House.

I have red solo cups, even for the kiddos. I have a quarter barrel and a secret stash of Shandy for the Mrs. I have a bounce house and sprinkler for the tots and I HAVE MADE BURGERS. Hamburgers on the grill and Cupcake Burgers for dessert. I envision getting pictures of people biting into them like sliders!! It was a simple Pinterest recipe that I am happy to share with you today. Enjoy these pictures, they taste like Twinkies!

Bake Yellow Cake Mix without liners and add sesame seeds on top. Cut in half for bun.
Bake Chocolate Cake Mix with liners - Cut into Thirds for Cupcakes for meat.
Take White Frosting and add Yellow food dye for mustard on bottom bun. Add patty.

I bought a can of green spray cupcake frosting with nozzel to look more like lettuce
Add some RED cookie icing as it looks just like Ketchup

Sliders for the guests

Big Burger for the Birthday Girl!

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